Illinois officials decided on Tuesday that the battle over online gambling that is taking place in the US will not be had in their state. The Illinois Racing Board approved three companies to begin offering online gambling, and one already has.

Within hours after the Board made their decision, one company began taking bets online. The capability is there for all three companies because other states have already approved online horse racing gambling.

The tracks in Illinois have been seeing less and less action over the past couple of years. The state has been searching for ways to help the tracks increase their revenue without putting much burden on customers.

“I think it’s great that Illinois is finally getting into the electronic age,” said Racing Board Commissioner Dennis Bookshester, “This is an opportunity for us to really increase the amount of interest in our sport.”

Other board members believe that the young people who have not grown up with horse racing may be inclined to check the sport out now. The young gamblers are much more reliant on computers than the older generation and having online gambling available could help bring the younger generation to the tracks.

Illinois has been busy expanding their gambling options this year. Earlier in the summer, legislators created a law that allows video gambling machines in bars and restaurants. The video machine revenue will go towards public works projects that are currently short on funding.

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